How We Got Here

It started in 2020 when we found ourselves stuck at home indefinitely. We wanted to use books as a vehicle to bring us someplace else when we had no other choice but to stay where we were. We wanted to use books as a tool to discuss life changing experiences (like becoming a big sister). As protesters filled the streets outside of our New York City windows, we looked for books to educate ourselves and our family about inequality and social justice. We realized quickly that there was no efficient way to sift through the thousands of children's books available online, and so, after much research, we slowly built our own age-appropriate in-home library.  

What We Do

At Dylpop’s we are prioritizing access to early learning by jumpstarting in-home-libraries nationwide. Simply put, we provide thoughtful book recommendations to time-strapped adults looking to navigate small and big moments with their little ones. These books should ultimately generate frequent, honest and deep conversations with your children and help to emphasize habits of kindness, calmness and acceptance.

What We Stand For

We believe that every child deserves a collection of carefully curated books to help foster thought-provoking conversation within his/her/their home. Yet, in many low-income neighborhoods in the United States reading resources are almost impossible for children to find outside of their classrooms. The pandemic-related layoffs and extended school closures have exacerbated this problem for children living in under-resourced areas. Together with our customers and charitable partner we aim to collectively disseminate books to children in-need. With this effort, we hope to equalize reading resources across the country too.